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We have assisted our clients in winning over $166M through impactful and influential settlement documentaries.

Our Day in The Life Videos are Proven To Save You Time and Maximize Settlements

About Us

ACR Video Productions is comprised of former State Troopers, Civil Litigation Investigators, and Film Producers. Our work is featured on the Discovery ID show Power of Attorney: Don Worley. Our videos are not typical “Day in The Life” videos, they are full production settlement documentaries. We investigate the lives of the victims and people surrounding them. Our productions tell the whole story, capture the full impact of those damages, and convey that information through an impactful video production proven to maximize your client’s settlement. We work nationwide and rarely have a case go to court. You win by telling the most compelling story and that’s what we do.

Our Trusted Clients

Here are our references.

Just ask our clients why they keep coming back.

James Roane, Roane Law,
Greensboro, NC

Sam McGee / Tin Fulton,
Charlotte, NC

Terry Richardson or Brady Thomas, Richardson, Thomas, Haltiwanger, Moore & Lewis, Columbia, SC

Kenneth Berger, Kenneth Berger Law, Charlotte, NC

Don Worley, McDonald Worley,
Houston, TX

Bradley Egenberg, Egenberg Law,
New Orleans, LA

Brett Turnbull, Turnbull Law Group,
Burmingham, AL

Alejandro Blanco, Trial Structure,
Boston, MA

David Williams, Williams and Williams,
Orangeburg, SC

What We Do

We maximize settlements, add value to your practice, and ensure high value clients find you when they need you.

First and foremost, we are a video production company the specializes in servicing attorneys and law firms. We are a team of experts in our field and are dedicated to producing winning videos. We specialize in the production of high quality and impactful legal settlement documentary videos, utilizing our 10+ years of investigation experience. We are compassionate about what we do, and our record of accomplishments is testimony to that dedication.

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Recent Case Settlements

The cases below utilized our settlement documentaries to save time for the attorneys and maximize the settlements for the victims.

We have served attorneys and their clients across the United States for 10+ years and know how to make an impactful Day in The Life video that always tells the best story. Let our experience save you time and maximize the settlement your clients deserve. Call today and get a free consultation, we’ll explain exactly how we can help. 864-504-5326

Recent Case Settlements

$16M, S.C., Wrongful Death

$6.6M, AL, Medical Malpractice

$2.3M, S.C., Legal Malpractice

$7.3M, S.C., Wrongful Death (Drowning)

$7.2, S.C., Dram Shop

$5.3M, S.C., Dram Shop

$2.3M, VA, Tractor Trailer

$2.3M, GA, Product Liability

$4.7M, LV, Premises

$16M, S.C., MVA

Settlement Totals

Williams & Williams$90 Million

Berger Law$16.5 Million

Turnbull Law$15 Million

Ricci Law$5 Million

Roane Law$8.5 Million

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Why Our Client’s Choose Us

Bottom line, we save you time and make you money. Our day in the life settlement documentaries are so impactful and influential they never see the inside of a court room. We can provide several days of testimony in a 15 minutes that saves you time and is proven to maximize the settlement your client will receive. Click or call today and get a free consultation, we’ll explain exactly how we can help. 864-504-5326

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